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– Popular Music & Media Lecturer at the Fach Musik, Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften, Universität Paderborn, Germany. Seminars delivered: 1) Popular by Nature: An Introduction to Colonialism, Imported Bourgeoisie, and Cultural Adoption in Latin American Music. 2) Right to Copy: A Latin American perspective to popular music within the Free Culture movement. 3) Take the money and run: A critical approach to the symbolic violence of neoliberalism in commercial popular music. 4) The sounds of the silenced: Decolonial, ethnic, and gender discourses in current Latin American popular music. 5) Girls run the world & Boys don’t cry: A genre theory examination of gender identity constructions in contemporary popular music. 6) Gimme tha Power: An Introduction to Postcolonial and Decolonial Theory through Latin American Popular Music.

– Music, Spanish, and English Teacher at the International School on the Rhine (ISR) in Middle and Upper School.

– Music performer: guitar and vocals at Reverso 2.0, and vocals at La Fuente Salsa band, Paderborn, Germany.

– Songwriting and Music Business Lecturer (online modality) at the Escuela de Música, Universidad de las Américas (UDLA), Quito, Ecuador.

– Music teaching volunteering with We Are Here at Nea Kavala refugee camp, Polykastro, Greece.

– Rock Ensamble Tutor, Academia Sunland, Mexico City, Mexico.

– Academic Coordinator and Lecturer at the Escuela de Música, UDLA, Quito, Ecuador.

– Producer of the “Open Mic Nights for Songwriters”. La Estación, Quito, Ecuador.

– Songwriter, producer, performer, manager of Reverso. Two albums: En el Inicio (2009), Radio Comfort (2013), UK.

– Producer and presenter of the Rockola Podcast, promoting upcoming alternative independent latin artists, UK.

– Producer, trainer, logistic assistant at the UK Songwriting Festival, UK.

– Private lessons in piano, guitar, and music theory, UK.

– Recording studio assistant and producer, Bath Spa University, UK.

– Radio presenter and producer of the show Con-Sentido at HCJB World Radio, and creator of the charity group under the show, in charge of organising events, camps and meetings in order to sponsor young entrepreneurs. Quito, Ecuador.

– Songwriter, producer and performer for Abner & Daniel. Two albums: Urgente (2000), A tu lado (2003), Ecuador.

Conferences & Publications

– Pérez Marín, A. (2021). In search of the exotic German: Decolonial perspectives on the adaptation of salsa in German Higher Music Education. Translation, Interpretation, Adaptation. Music Between Latin America and Europe 1920 to 2020 – IV International Conference of Trayectorias. Heidelberg, Germany.

– Pérez Marín, A. (2021). Too little, too late? Higher Popular Music Education Reforms as a Strategy of Decoloniality for the Progress and Preservation of Ecuadorian Minorities. International Association for the Study of Popular Music – German Speaking Branch (IASPM D-A-CH) 2021, Paderborn, Germany.

– Pérez Marín, A. (2020). La música nacional y su demo-censura en la educación musical, Revista JamIn, 2: 28-52.

– Pérez Marín, A. (2019). Polyamory Latin Style – Deception or Reflex? Reggaeton Lyrical Discourse and its Potential Influence on the Concept of ‘Modern’ Romantic Relationships Among Young Listeners. Deception, Dishonesty, Duplicity Conference. University Paderborn, Germany..

– International Association for the Study of Popular Music – German Speaking Branch (IASPM D-A-CH) 2018, Bern, Switzerland.

– Alumni Workshop – DIES ProGrant 2018, Cologne, Germany.

– Seminar Investigación Doctoral – Universidad Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM), 2017/2018, Mexico City, Mexico.

– Panelist at Intelectual Property seminar with Ecuadorian Collecting Rights Societies SARIME/SOPROFON, 2017, Quito, Ecuador.

– CES External Academic Facilitator for the accreditation of the MA in Artes Musicales, 2016, Ecuador.

– Presenter at Research Proposal Writing – DIES ProGrant 2016, Bogotá, Colombia.

– Pérez Marín, A. (2017). Compulsory licensing in Ecuador’s music industry: a daring strategy within the new intellectual property law in order to regulate music piracy. International Journal of Music Business Research, 7(1), 45–71. (Young Scholar’s Best Paper Award at the Vienna Music Business Research Days 2015.

– International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) Biennial 2015, Campinas, Brazil.

– Participant at Research Proposal Writing – DIES ProGrant 2015, Lima, Peru.


– Current PhD student at the Populäre Musik und Medien, Fach Musik, Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften Universität Paderborn.

– Masters Degree in Media Management at the University of Westminster, UK. Final dissertation topic: The Impact of Online Communities on the Talent Selection Process in the Music Industry.

– BA in Broadcasting Media from Northwestern University/CCC, Ecuador.

– Foundation Degree in Commercial Music at Bath Spa University, UK.

Research Interests

– Higher Popular Music Education

– Decoloniality in Music Education

– Music Business and Intellectual Property.

– Online Music Teaching Methodologies.


– Careers Counsellor & Teacher in English Literature, British School Quito (BSQ), Ecuador.

– English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL), Ecuador.

– IT Support (Genius position) at Apple Retail, London, UK.

– Languages: Spanish (native), English (academic), German (intermediate)

– Inveterate traveler: 69 countries… and counting.

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