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– Popular Music & Media Lecturer at the Fach Musik, Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften, Universität Paderborn, Germany.

– Music performer: guitar and vocals at Reverso 2.0, and vocals at La Fuente Salsa band, Paderborn, Germany.

– Songwriting and Music Business Lecturer (online modality) at the Escuela de Música, Universidad de las Américas (UDLA), Quito, Ecuador.

– Music teaching volunteering with We Are Here at Nea Kavala refugee camp, Polykastro, Greece.

– Rock Ensamble Tutor, Academia Sunland, Mexico City, Mexico.

– Academic Coordinator and Lecturer at the Escuela de Música, UDLA, Quito, Ecuador.

– Producer of the “Open Mic Nights for Songwriters”. La Estación, Quito, Ecuador.

– Songwriter, producer, performer, manager of Reverso. Two albums: En el Inicio (2009), Radio Comfort (2013), UK.

– Producer and presenter of the Rockola Podcast, promoting upcoming alternative independent latin artists, UK.

– Producer, trainer, logistic assistant at the UK Songwriting Festival, UK.

– Private lessons in piano, guitar, and music theory, UK.

– Recording studio assistant and producer, Bath Spa University, UK.

– Radio presenter and producer of the show Con-Sentido at HCJB World Radio, and creator of the charity group under the show, in charge of organising events, camps and meetings in order to sponsor young entrepreneurs. Quito, Ecuador.

– Songwriter, producer and performer for Abner & Daniel. Two albums: Urgente (2000), A tu lado (2003), Ecuador.

Conferences & Publications

– Deception, Dishonesty, Duplicity Conference 2019, University Paderborn, Germany.

– International Association for the Study of Popular Music – German Speaking Branch (IASPM DACH) 2018, Bern, Switzerland.

– Alumni Workshop – DIES ProGrant 2018, Cologne, Germany.

– Seminar Investigación Doctoral – Universidad Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM), 2017/2018, Mexico City, Mexico.

– Panelist at Intelectual Property seminar with Ecuadorian Collecting Rights Societies SARIME/SOPROFON, 2017, Quito, Ecuador.

– CES External Academic Facilitator for the accreditation of the MA in Artes Musicales, 2016, Ecuador.

– Presenter at Research Proposal Writing – DIES ProGrant 2016, Bogotá, Colombia.

– Young Scholar’s workshop at the Vienna Music Business Research Days 2015, winning the Best Paper Award and publishing it on their journal, Vienna, Austria.

– International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) Biennial 2015, Campinas, Brazil.

– Participant at Research Proposal Writing – DIES ProGrant 2015, Lima, Peru.


– Current PhD student at the Populäre Musik und Medien, Fach Musik, Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften Universität Paderborn.

– Masters Degree in Media Management at the University of Westminster, UK. Final dissertation topic: The Impact of Online Communities on the Talent Selection Process in the Music Industry.

– BA in Broadcasting Media from Northwestern University/CCC, Ecuador.

– Foundation Degree in Commercial Music at Bath Spa University, UK.

Research Interests

– Popular music in higher education.

– Music business and intelectual property.

– Post-colonialism in popular music and cultural adaptation.

– Online music teaching methodologies.


– Careers Counsellor & Teacher in English Literature, British School Quito (BSQ), Ecuador.

– English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL), Ecuador.

– IT Support (Genius position) at Apple Retail, London, UK.

– Languages: Spanish (native), English (academic), German (intermediate)

– Inveterate traveler: 69 countries… and counting.

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