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My teaching philosophy focuses towards the acquisition of transferable skills. To achieve this, I aim for a transdisciplinary approach to teaching, nurturing enthusiasm and critical thinking for a lifelong learning experience.

Although not exclusive, music is a peculiar object of study in formal education. Within music, there are some elements that are very difficult to treat as mere transferable theory. These elements, which belong mainly to the field of creativity, must be treated with a transdisciplinary approach, where students learn them by experiencing them from diverse fields, and not only by studying music only. This approach should consider the student’s background, his cultural environment, and previous experiences with learning music. Some students are very methodical, others are more emotional, others learn by reading, and others by listening. All of these variables must be taken into account in order to promote an attitude of self-exploration instead of establishing a unique path.

With regards to enthusiasm, in general, music students want to study music, sometimes against the approval of their parents. Therefore, the key is to maintain a high level of enthusiasm by setting the right expectations. Music is accompanied by certain glamour that seems to disappear the more you study it and get to know the dynamics of the music industry. In this sense, being realistic, but always positive, is essential to sustain motivation.

Another challenging aspect of music teaching is the evaluation process. How can you evaluate such a personal activity? For this, my teaching philosophy puts a lot of weight on the critical thinking of any musical activity. “Why this or that?” It must become a very common question that needs to be answered in every decision making as part of the creative process. Learning is changing the preconceptions that may be wrong in a specific time and place. My teaching highlights the need to break these preconceptions by incorporating research into every learning process.

Teaching music is a comprehensive and complete enterprise that uses music as the channel to find values, principles and skills that can lead us to become better human beings and build a better society.

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